Current Status of Lafferty Ranch

Locked gate of Lafferty Ranch Lafferty Park EIR Certified!:

Lafferty Park supporters achieved a significant milestone on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, as the Petaluma City Council certified the park project's Environmental Impact Report (EIR), putting a welcome end to the four years of expensive studies forced upon the city by park opponents.

The Council deferred a decision on approving the park project and proceeding with park implementation, however.  They cited budget constraints which we in FLP agree are very real.

The project described in the EIR is a minimally developed wilderness park permitting hiking and other appropriate, passive uses. Access to Lafferty Ranch is not currently permitted to the general public.

See the Upcoming Events page of the Friends of Lafferty Park website for information on public meetings and other ways to get involved. See also future outcomes and how you can influence them.

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