A little about Bonnie Mitsui

Bonnie Mitsui was born in the Cincinnati area, and now lives there again after spending much of her adult life raising a family on her Sonoma Mountain ranch.

She hasn't (yet) agreed to let Friends of Lafferty Park feature her story prominently in connection with her extraordinarily generous trail offer. But we will take the liberty of sharing some information from public sources that give an idea of the kind of person she is.

The photo at right is from the Cincinnati Enquirer, accompanying a recent article about the conservation easement she donated on her 60-acre organic farm to a local land trust. (Her Sonoma Mountain Ranch is also protected by a conservation easement, donated by the Mitsui family some 15 years ago.) The photo is by Glenn Hartong of the Enquirer.

Back in 1998, the Cincinnati Post ran this in-depth article about Ms. Mitsui's organic farm and her participation in community supported agriculture.


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