December 2023 Wildlife photos

Blacktail buck crosses Adobe Creek in the lower Lafferty Ranch area.  Doe and fawn using the same path.

Buck crossing Adobe Creek
Doe and fawn crossing creek

Mountain lion (cougar, puma) using the same deer path at night.  Unlike the others we have photographed, this one appears to have a tracking collar.

Mountain lion at night

Several images of bobcats on various days in early December, from the same camera near the middle of the Lafferty Ranch parcel.

Bobcat on a tree trunk
Bobact facing cameraBobcat descending tree trunk

Grey squirrel on the same tree trunk the bobcats use. This is the first squirrel our cameras have picked up.

Squirrel on tree trunk

Coyotes in the upper meadow.  Two different individuals (the second seems lighter colored), taken six days apart.

Coyote crossing meadow Coyote in upper meadow

Raccoons on a rainy December day.

Two raccoons on a rainy day

Skunk at night.

Skunk at night

Buck jumping a fence at night.

Buck jumping a fence

Another buck, or possibly the same one, after one of its antlers has been shed (normal in winter).

Buck with one shed antler

No feral pigs were photographed in this early December 2023 period.