January 2024 Wildlife photos

Blacktail doe and fawn crossing Adobe Creek.

Blacktail doe and fawn

Mountain lion or bobcat?  The distinctive tail is not visible.
This animal is traversing same deer path crossing Adobe Creek as the mountain lion photographed last month.

Big cat at night

Two images of skunks on Camera #2 in the middle of the Lafferty property. 
We got literally hundreds of photos of skunks at this location this month, after seeing very few in previous months.

This shot was taken at night, as were most of the photos of these nocturnal animals. Its fur is matted from rain.

Skunk at night, in the rain

This is the rare daylight shot of a skunk. Not sure why it is blurry -- they don't move very fast.

Skunk in daylight

Grey squirrel.

Squirrel on tree trunk

Two daytime images of a bobcat. We frequently see it/them on this trail, always traveling down the mountain. This suggests there is another trail used for uphill.

Bobcat going down hill

Opossum.  First we've seen.

Opossum at night

Handsome Steller's Jay.

Steller's jay

Once again, no feral pigs were photographed in this early January 2024 period.

We changed camera settings to capture video in addition to still photos.  We'll see the results next month.