November 2023 Wildlife photos

Blacktail doe and fawn cross Adobe Creek in the lower Lafferty Ranch area.

Doe and fawn on Lafferty Ranch

Fast-moving buck crosses Adobe Creek on lower Lafferty Ranch.

Buck on Adobe Creek on Lafferty Ranch

Bobcat moves down the slope in middle Lafferty Ranch. We have a night image of a bobcat, likely the same one, in the same spot last month.

Bobcat on Lafferty Ranch

Bobcat climbing a tree at night, taken in the same spot.

Bobcat climbing a tree

Cougar (mountain lion, puma) moving down the trail at night, two months after we captured the images of three cougars in the same spot moving in the same direction. 

Cougar at night, Lafferty Ranch

Young deer coming down the slope.

Young deer on slope

Skunk at night on upper Lafferty Ranch

Skunk at night

Coyote moving quickly across an upper meadow in late afternoon. As with the buck above, fast-moving animals appear somewhat elongated.

Coyote on upper Lafferty Ranch

Feral hog at night. This is the only shot of a hog in November, a marked decline from previous months. Did they go elsewhere?

Feral hog at night

Raccoon at night.

Raccoon at night