October 2023 Wildlife photos

Two blacktail deer cross Adobe Creek in the lower Lafferty Ranch area.

Two deer cross Adobe Creek

This is a bobcat moving toward the camera at night. Earlier pictures in the sequence show the distinctive short tail.

Bobcat at night

First of three images of a family of mountain lions traveling on a path in the middle of the Lafferty Ranch property at 3:00 a.m.  This one is believed to be the mother of the other two.

Momma mountain lion

She was followed closely by these two juvenile mountain lions (a.k.a. puma or cougar).

Young cougar #1
Young cougar #2

Doe on the upper meadow.


Two feral hogs. These are non-native, and could become a nuisance.

Feral hogs

My first impression of this image was that it was a bear. But it is a large hog.

Bear or pig?

Handsome bobcat in the upper meadow.


This canid appears to be a coyote, but it might be a gray fox.

Coyote or gray fox

Good looking buck at night.

Buck at night

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