Photos by Docents and Hikers

This fantastic series of photos was taken by participant Susette Stickel-Rufe using a telephoto lens on a LandPaths outing at Lafferty Ranch in December 2023.
A golden eagle is harassed in flight by a red-tailed hawk.

Golden EagleGolden Eagle and Red-tailed Hawk

Golden eagle harassed by red-tailed hawk

Golden eagle and red-tailed hawk

(Rough-skinned) newt photographed by docent Larry Modell in January 2024.

Rough skinned newt

Wild boar (feral hog) photographed in daylight by docent Teddy Herzog in an upper Lafferty Ranch meadow in July 2023.

Wild board, photo by Teddy Herzog

This coiled Northern Pacific Rattlesnake was photographed by docent Joseph Cochrane in an upper Lafferty Ranch meadow in September 2023

Rattlesnake, photo by Joseph Cochrane

Three images of Pacific Tree Frogs (a.k.a. Pacific Chorus Frogs) photographed on Lafferty Ranch, October 2023.
Despite having big voices, these frogs are less than one inch long. See the bay leaves (typically 2-4" long) for scale.

Pacific Tree Frog 1Pacific Tree Frog 2Pacific Tree Frog 3