Virtual Tours of Lafferty Ranch

Certain landowners on Sonoma Mountain are preventing you from seeing Lafferty Ranch for yourself at the moment. To fill the gap, we can offer photographs of Lafferty arranged as slide shows, or virtual tours, one tour for each season of the year. Enjoy!

NOW AUDIO ENHANCED! Look for the ear symbol on the virtual tour pages. If you have a multimedia computer and don't mind waiting a few seconds for the audio file to download, click on the ear to hear corresponding nature sounds.

Jack London thumbnail pictureNEW LITERARY TOUR! In addition to the above photographic tours, we offer the following literary tour:

Jack London's description of the view from Sonoma Mountain.

Robert Louis Stevenson's description of an ascent of a nearby Sonoma or Napa county ridge

Henry David Thoreau on our need to walk in nature


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