Wildlife Cameras at Lafferty Ranch

Starting in late summer 2023, Friends of Lafferty Park began a project to purchase, place, and manage several wildlife cameras on the Lafferty Ranch property on Sonoma Mountain. We are grateful to the City of Petaluma for their enthusiastic permission, and to LandPaths for their consulting expertise.

We will post the most interesting photos in the pages linked below, most recent first.  Video clips included as of March 2024!

May 2024 Wild turkey thumbnail
March 2024

Grey squirrel thumbnail
February 2024 Vulture thumbnail
January 2024 Steller's Jay thumbnail
December 2023 Coyote thumbnail
November 2023 Thumbnail of cougar at night
October 2023 Bobcat thumb
September 2023 Doe thumbnail
Photos by Docents
(as opposed to trail cameras)
Frog thumbnail

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